In between jobs, I thought to set about trying to see more of the world. I wasn’t seeking anything in particular. I just wanted to witness other parts of the planet far from home.

This is an account of what follows, armed with only a vague itinerary and minimal preparation other than reading a few travelogues and debating what camera to bring.

A special thank you goes to my good friend Kathryn for guest-editing this blog, as well as making her usual keen-eyed observations and ever-helpful suggestions, and Susan for pointing out my typos and occasionally awkward phrases.


Jakarta — In January, I bought a one-way ticket to visit my good friend Josh in Jakarta, Indonesia. After a brief stopover in Hong Kong, I landed and was led on a multi-day bike tour of the city.

In the process, I also dodged dangerous sidewalks, stumbled upon a statue of Barack Obama as a boy, possibly discovered a cure for jet-lag, understood Jakarta’s rough beauty and tasted some of the world’s best coffee.

I stood on the edge of the mystical Java Sea, played peek-a-boo with orangutans, bantered with Josh’s kids, took in a splendid massage and heard about India from expat journalists.

Jogyakarta — From there, I booked another one-way ticket to Jogyakarta, yet another Indonesian motorbike-laden city that served as a launching-off point for such wonders as Mount Merapi, as well as the ancient temples of Borobudur and Prambanan (among others).

Bali — I reveled in the amazing bargains of Asian airlines on my way to Bali, a tourist destination that surprised me with its seediness among its natural beauty and allowed me a cheap, self-guided motorbike tour.

It didn’t take long to realize why Bali is known as “Island of the Gods,” even if I was made all too aware of the vehemence of chicken o’clock.

I learned how to get the monkey off my back and met my friend Revi, her husband and their new baby. I fell in love with a lovely little room in an Ubud homestay and adjusted to a different pace.

Local flavors came to life in the form of kopi lewak (civet coffee), an abundance of indigenous fruit and beers such as Bali Hai, Bintang and Storm.

Another massage, more affordable than the last …


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  1. Bruno, Fredy swears that you have a twin : ) and to boot you are an EMT technician! Next, I’m going to find out you work for land space shuttles for NASA. Actually, please don’t tell me that…

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