Italian Volcano Crater Claims Lives of Three Family Members

Three members of a family died after falling into a volcanic crater near Naples, Italy, on Tuesday, September 12.

UPI writes:

An 11-year-old boy slipped into the hole about 11 a.m. and both parents died while trying to save him in the hot mud. Police said the area was off-limits at the Solfatara Crater in Pozzuoli, one of 40 volcanoes in the Campi Flegrei area about 7 miles west of Naples.

The boy reportedly wandered into an off-limits section of the tourist attraction and fainted from the fumes. His father attempted to pull him to safety and was sucked into the crater, then his mother was also overcome by the “quicksand-like substance.”

The victims were identified as Massimiliano Carrer, 45, Tiziana Zaramella, 42, and their son, Lorenzo.

My heart goes out to the family.

(Photo of Solfatara Crater by Patrick Chabert via Flickr under Creative Commons license.)

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