The Diwan-i-Am: Where the Emperor Spoke

AGRA, India — The Diwan-i-Am, or Hall of Public Audience, was where Emperor Shah Jahan would address his subjects within Agra Fort.

Cityseeker writes:

This three-aisle structure comprises a grand assembly hall which features a raised platform called Takht-i-Murassa. This platform opens to a three-arched windows and was once the place where the famous Peacock Throne was situated. One of the peculiar aspects of Diwan-i-Am is the placement of the pillars which do not obstruct the view of the Takht-i-Murassa from any section of the courtyard.

The Peacock Throne, incidentally, has quite a history itself — commissioned by the emperor, captured by Persian King Nadir Shah and lost to history, and relegated to lore and a visitor’s imagination.

A plaque provides history on the Diwan-i-Am. At top, the structure was designed to have an equal impact from various vantage points. (Photos by Bruno J. Navarro) 

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