Impressive Stone Work at Agra Fort

AGRA, India — On the inside, Agra Fort boasts an impressive collection of stone work on its walls in the form of carved marble and detailed inlays.

Doorways, which appear utilitarian from a distance, emerge as intricately designed examples of 11th-century artisanship.

A domed ceiling that exhibits the exuberance of freehand drawings is actually a dizzying array of finely carved marble, with exacting cuts of semiprecious stones lowered into the surrounding surfaces and smoothed to a perfectly level finish.

There isn’t a home-improvement show anywhere that approaches the level of interior design on display in Agra Fort.

Carved inlays adorn the domed ceiling inside Agra Fort. At top, a marble doorway holds a variety of sculpted designs. (Photos by Bruno J. Navarro)

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