A Rooftop Meal in Agra

AGRA, India — An evening arrival in Agra meant that I was off to hunt down some dinner — not literally, of course, as my meal would likely be vegetarian. And in a restaurant.

Turning once again to my trusty Lonely Planet guide, I picked out a rooftop eatery named the Taj Cafe. The menu offered dishes from a variety of cuisines, which always makes me as wary as any New York spot that serves sushi, Mexican food and pizza.

But primarily, I chose it for the rooftop view, which I had imagined would be stunning. Having arrived at night, however, I discovered that there weren’t many street lights to illuminate the city beyond the grounds of the Taj Mahal.

The whole city doesn’t at all resemble its famous landmark, having been built much later, and there wasn’t much to see from the rooftop in the evening sky.

The pleasant surprise: My meal — simple curry, as I imagined that would be the most expertly prepared — was hearty, flavorful and hot. The cold beer didn’t hurt, either.


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