Imagining a Life in Bali

A recent story about a French-Swiss couple who lived in Nepal and later moved to Bali reminded me of a friend’s custom-made life I had encountered in Ubud.

It was by traveling that I had come to know a little about the places mentioned in a New York Times story about Chino and Elizabeth Roncoroni:

They had arrived in Asia on the hippie trail in the late ’60s. Now, in a new century and with the freedom to move anywhere, they considered their former vacation haunt as the location for their new home. “We decided now Kathmandu is over,” Mr. Roncoroni said. “It was difficult to live. So we said why don’t we go and live in Bali? And we just shifted.” They moved in 2009.

Their home, which incorporates traditional elements of Bali living with modern attention to detail, appears a beautiful blending of aesthetics and comfort.


[At top, the pool at Balisani Padma Hotel in Legian, Bali. Photo by Bruno J. Navarro]

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