Yes, I Chose Pizza in Kathmandu

KATHMANDU, Nepal — Back near my Kathmandu hotel, I wandered the streets of the touristy Thamel neighborhood, looking for a bite to eat.

Although I’m a big fan of street food and local cuisines when I travel, this time I defaulted to my tried and true comfort food — pizza.

Gusto Italiano Restro & Bar offered a comfortable decor, cold Everest Beer and quick, hot pizzas. Sure, I could’ve opted for more authentic fare, but I might be wired to draw restorative properties from a triangular piece of dough, tomato sauce and cheese. The desire for pizza reminded me of a quote I’d found about my hometown food:

Pizza is the fruit of choice for the lifelong New Yorker, a greasy elixir that nourishes the soul. A proper slice is an avenue through which salvation may be found — sort of a cheesy eucharist.

Overstated? Perhaps. But as I dug into the fresh, round pizza pie, life felt perfect.

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