Bhaktapur’s Doppelganger Businesses

BHAKTAPUR, Nepal — At Taumadhi Square, Nyatapola Café was doing brisk business with the tourist crowds while local merchants hawked their wares in the surrounding area.

Just past the Nyatapola Money Exchange, and nowhere near the exquisite Golden Gate, stands the Golden Gate Guest House, which appears quite nice, though I didn’t get a chance to lodge there.

Never mind that Nyatapola Café lacked a couple of stories to stay true to its name, nor that the original Golden Gate didn’t offer lodging, but I was glad to be able to recognize the references used in local business names.

Golden Gate Guest House sits near Taumadhi Square and bears little resemblance to its namesake. At top, Nyatapola Café clocks in a couple stories short of the original. (Photos by Bruno J. Navarro)

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