Bhaktapur’s Festive Pond: Siddha Pokhari

BHAKTAPUR, Nepal — Near the main gate at Bhaktapur Durbar Square sits an artificial pond named Siddha Pokhari, or Ta Pukhu, with an impressive view of mountains in the distance.

Boss Nepal provides additional context on Siddha Pokhari:

It is also known as IndraDaha and every year, on the day of AshwinKrishnaDwitiya (the next day of IndraJatra festival), a large fair takes place here. The devotees take holy dips in the pond and worship goddess Indrayani afterwards with a belief that the goddess will be pleased and give family happiness and her blessings.  It is decorated with oil lamps all around its boundary during this festival. There are idols of Shaiva, Shakti, Buddhist and Baishnav sects from Lichhavi to Malla times around the temple and there is a tradition of worshiping Basuki Nag (serpent god) with tantric methods in droughts asking for rain.

While I was there at least, the pond also offered a spot for personal calm reflection.

The large manmade pond was surrounded by buildings, and mountains in the distance. At top, stupa-like structures mark the entrance. (Photos by Bruno J. Navarro)
Another view from Siddha Pokhari.
A stone stupa sits at one end of Siddha Pokhari.
The Siddha Pokhari stupa appeared to depict Hanuman, though I might be mistaken.
A tree beside Siddha Pokhari has engulfed the shrine at its base.

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