Bhaktapur’s Siddhi Laxmi Temple

BHAKTAPUR, Nepal — Its name escaped me the first time I walked past it, but Siddhi Lakshmi Temple — also known as Lohan Dega — would make itself known to me.

Looking through my photos for an image of Fasidega Temple, which had been largely reduced to rubble, I realized that the religious structure — with its depictions of people, horses, dogs and other more fearsome creatures — had caught my eye a second time without realizing it was the same place.

Sometimes it take a second glance to see everything worth seeing — or maybe more than that. That’s part of the process of learning to see, a lesson for which I’m grateful.

At Siddi Lakshmi Temple, or Lohan Dega, figures depict male and female figures on the first step, followed on the way up by horses, rhinos, griffins and camels.

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