A Glimpse of Bhaktapur’s Fasidega Temple

Fasidega Temple can be seen on the right side above. At top, a partial view. (Photos by Bruno J. Navarro)

BHAKTAPUR, Nepal — Upon entering Bhaktapur Durbar Square, I was overwhelmed with the wealth of architectural treasures before my eyes, and as I turned my camera from one wildly beautiful building to the next, I sought to frame what I saw through my viewfinder.

Looking back through the day’s images, I found a photo of just part of Fasidega Temple, the bottom half, before the 2015 earthquake toppled the temple and leaving only the steps.

The aerial view, provided in a CNN video report, shows more fully the extent of the devastation.

Since its founding in the 12th century, Bhaktapur boasted increasingly crowded squares until a major earthquake in 1934 destroyed many temples and residences, some of which had been rebuilt — and many of those were gone in the 2015 quake.

Yet, as I find pieces of Fasidega Temple in my photographs, I wondered why no images of the entire structure existed in my archives. If, in fact, the landmark is rebuilt, I might have to return.

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