Kathmandu’s Bicycle Rickshaws

KATHMANDU, Nepal — The busy tourist sites around Kathmandu were all walking distance of my hotel. Even so, bicycle rickshaws abounded.

Relatively luxurious compared to the hand-pulled rickshaws in Kolkata, India, the local human-powered taxis resembled tiny covered wagons, with retractable cloth canopies shading its passengers. The trikes sat on spoked wheels, which looked a lot more comfortable than the wooden wagon wheels on their Indian counterparts.

Yet as many bike rickshaws as I saw, they were almost always empty, with a couple of drivers even using their own rides as a place to relax or catch a nap. I wasn’t tempted to take a ride, especially I didn’t have any destination in mind while walking across the city.

I didn’t notice the driver in the passenger seat at first. At top, several bicycle rickshaws idled along with their drivers. (Photos by Bruno J. Navarro)
This rickshaw driver relaxes with his shoes off.
A bunch of rickshaws with blue canopies.
That might be a commuter in the back of a rickshaw.
Parked bike rickshaws await their workdays.


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