Making a Pit Stop in Narayangarh

NARAYANGARH, Nepal — Witnessing a bit of a hair-raising traffic accident put me slightly on edge, though I was calmed when a billboard for Tuborg Gold beer appeared in what looked to be a city.

With paved roads and less mountainous terrain, there was less to worry about — I hoped.

Yet, not even five minutes later, we were on another rural road where cattle — or water buffalo, I’m not sure which — could be seen wading across a flooded field.

City or farmlands? It was tough to tell which.

Soon enough, we were back amid an urban landscape, with more soothing sin ads — for Carlsberg, Everest Beer (mental note: must sample), a whiskey and Josh cigarettes.

The main commercial drag in Narayangarh buzzed with activity: Bicycle rickshaws, produce stands, hotels, billboards and motorbikes whizzed by our bus window. We made a brief pit stop and continued on our way.

Seeing a billboard for Tuborg Gold beer somehow had the effect of drinking one. (Photos by Bruno J. Navarro)
An ad for Carlsberg beer and a Pepsi truck were the two first things I noticed in Narayangarh, Nepal. Oh, and Josh brand cigarettes.
‘Enjoy World Class Premium Lager Beer — Everest. It’s Our Best.’ Will do!


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