Substandard Sewers in Siddharthanagar

SIDDHARTHANAGAR, Nepal — Well rested and ready for a six-hour bus ride to Kathmandu, I sought some sustenance for the overland journey.

The nearest, and most efficient, option was down the street from my room at Hotel Ashoka International, a small, sidewalk-facing eatery and provisions store with a table and chairs perched upon a concrete slab covering the otherwise open sewers, something with which no longer came as a surprise.

The phenomenon appeared in Jakarta and in Bali, where such infrastructure was the norm. The sidewalks above open sewers occasionally sported enough leeway for pedestrians to tumble in.

25099150945_f50911de12Once seated, I ordered an egg sandwich that resembled what I might’ve found at a neighborhood bodega, or deli, in Brooklyn.

My favorite find was a cracker named Glucose.

Are they medicinal? I don’t know!

I just bet they’ll come in handy at some point during the bus ride ahead of me.

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