Quotidian Views of Varanasi

VARANASI, India — Away from the tourist scrum and the nightly celebrations, life in Varanasi looks a little different.

How laundry gets done in Varanasi.

Though I had seen people step down the ghats to wash their clothes in the Ganga, it becomes more of an entrepreneurial endeavor in the early afternoon, with large quantities of laundry dipped in the water, beaten on the rocks and left to dry in the hot sun.

Advertising was painted on the ancient-looking walls, publicizing everything from bookstores to yoga, rooftop cafés and even a German bakery.

Where I had previously seen dogs and monkeys, now I got to see goats wander along the ghats, as well as locals cooling off their cows, and children going about their own business.

It’s beginning to look like the new normal to me.

A boy entertains himself on the ghats. At top, laundry is set out to dry beside the Ganga. (Photos by Bruno J. Navarro)
Goats seems right at home on the ghat steps.
A cow cools off in the Ganga.
Three kids make their way along one of the city’s busy main roads, away from the ghats.

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