The Family That Motorbikes Together

Indian family on a motorcycle in Kolkata
Motorbiking through Kolkata’s busy streets is a family affair.

KOLKATA, India — What our Western sensibilities might deem hazardous to life and limb,  some parts of the world consider as a matter of practicality.

Strolling along the busy streets of Kolkata, I was rarely surprised to see couples or children riding along family members on a vintage-design Royal Enfield motorcycle.

But a family of five, including three small children, astride a motorbike was certainly a sight to behold.

The two-wheelers weren’t as ubiquitous in Kolkata as they were in Jakarta or Ubud. Yet they were more common than the silver chariot I happened upon in Victoria Maidan, and they did seem convenient — and, unlike on the streets of Brooklyn, you don’t see bikers popping wheelies or tearing through traffic at breakneck speeds.

7 thoughts on “The Family That Motorbikes Together

      1. You could try Delhi, Ahmedabad, Pune, Jaipur, Chennai, places in Himachal Pradesh and many more.
        Each one of these places have a unique culture. It depends on what kind of place do you want to explore. You name it we have it. 😀
        What moves you?

      2. If I had time, I’d put all of those on my list! What I would love is to have a glimpse at India’s soul, which I understand sounds like a tall order and not likely a goal I can reach while traveling through, but I guess I’d say I really want to SEE India.

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