Kolkata Park Bans Shooting (Movie)

A sign in Kolkata's Victoria Maidan states,
A sign in Kolkata’s Victoria Maidan states, “Shooting (movie) not allowed.”

KOLKATA, India — It was the word “shooting” that drew my eye to a handmade wooden sign posted in the Victoria Maidan.

The white-on-black sign appeared to be written in Hindi and English, and the half I could read said, “Shooting (movie) not allowed.”

Traveling from the United States, a society riddled with guns and the interconnected violence, I was glad for the distinction.

India, a nation of 1.2 billion people, ranks 110 out of 178 countries in its rate of private gun ownership, according to GunPolicy.org. It ranks fourth in number of privately owned guns.

By comparison, the United States ranks at the top of both measures with a population of 318 million.

What few instances of elaborate Bollywood costuming and choreography I’ve encountered, I have thought to be absolutely delightful, which is why I could not imagine why its production would not be welcome here. But I took note, obliged and moved along.

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