Delta OK With Anti-Jewish Saudi Policy?

Delta Troubles
Delta Troubles

Delta Airlines, not enjoying the best public image lately, has moved on to offending more people by partnering with a Saudi company that bans Jews.

Already under fire for fleecing American soldiers with baggage fees, Delta has now entered into a partnership with Saudi Arabian Airlines via its SkyTeam Alliance.

The Village Voice sums it up:

Delta’s deal with Saudi Arabian Airlines, announced in January, requires the American company to align with Saudi Arabia’s “strict Islamic law,” which says that anyone with an Israeli passport stamp be kept out, while every visitor requires a visa and a sponsor; all women must have a male sponsor. Bibles, crosses and any other “non-Islamic article of faith” can be confiscated.

Is it me, or does an American company have a responsibility to follow American law on such matters?

Curiously, a USA Today story that sent opinions flying has been removed. But there is a discussion on its Faith & Reason blog.

Delta spokesperson Trebor Banstetter, on the company’s blog, wrote: “First and foremost, I think one of the most important things to mention here is that Delta does not discriminate nor do we condone discrimination against anyone in regards to age, race, nationality, religion, or gender.”

Not too persuasive.


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