Will Obama Lobby for Jakarta Statue?

En Route: Barack Obama to Visit Indonesia
En Route: Barack Obama to Visit Indonesia

JAKARTA, Indonesia — Perhaps sensing an assault on his legacy in his boyhood home, U.S. President Barack Obama plans to visit Indonesia and Australia next month.

Curiously, the news comes on the heels of a drive to remove the statue of Obama in Central Jakarta’s Mentang Park by a group of locals unhappy at how little the Nobel Prize winner has done for Indonesia.

Could it be he’s trying to save face in the world’s most populous Muslim nation?

Just sayin’.

UPDATE: According to the Jakarta Post, a government spokesman said Michelle Obama had told Indonesia’s first lady Ani Yudhoyono that President Obama wanted to show his daughters the place where he spent part of his childhood.

“His visit will thus become the longest visit made by a U.S. president to Indonesia,” he said. “I must emphasize that there’s a sentimental aspect there.”

Also, the Jakarta Globe ran a Reuters story on whether Obama would visit a bar named after him on Jalan Jaksa and quotes a businessman who tried unsuccessfully to transform “Little Barry’s” boyhood home to a cafe named “Sweet Home Obama.”


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