That’s a Pizza


Sometimes, only New Yorkers really understand pizza.

Mitch Waxman at The Newtown Pentacle writes, “Pizza is the fruit of choice for the lifelong New Yorker, a greasy elixir that nourishes the soul. A proper slice is an avenue through which salvation may be found — sort of a cheesy eucharist.”

I wholeheartedly agree, years ago having developed with my brother Marco our own pizza rating system.

Continuing the idea of tourism in your own hometown, I found a great resource in Waxman’s blog.

Waxman goes on to dercry the growing prevalence of “pizzadilla.” You know, as in quesadilla, which the fabled New York slice is beginning to resemble. He is also suitably opposed to the presence of toppings such as pineapple and ham, which I first encountered as “Hawaiian pizza” when I lived in North Dakota.


For a taste of what real New York pizza should taste like, check out DiFara’s in Brooklyn, especially while Dominic DeMarco is still behind the counter, hand-crafting edible masterpieces on a daily basis. And no, you can’t get pineapple or ham on it.

Thank goodness.

(Thanks to Janine for pointing out this blog from her old neighborhood in Queens.)


2 thoughts on “That’s a Pizza

  1. DiFara rocks. We took the subway there from my mom’s in Maspeth a few years ago and it probably took 2 hours. Ridiculously, it was worth it. Dominic is all business… and I understand he grows his own basil behind the pizzeria.

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