Best Laid Travel Schemes

Blurry Heart
Blurry Heart

You want to make your travel agent laugh? Tell her your plans.

OK, so I don’t really have such a person in my life, unless counts. (Also, apologies to Woody Allen for bastardizing his quote.) But things change. This became clear as Elizabeth and Nick handed me a wedding invitation recently. It takes place in March.

The happy couple initially planned to get hitched on a remote Greek island they had visited together last year. The timing of that plan couldn’t have been better, since I would have a leisurely two months to make my way through the more far-fetched parts of my imagined itinerary, which included an overland journey across Pakistan and Iran.

Then, if I had any money left afterward, I could make my way north through Europe.

Trying to gauge the optimal time for me to take off for far-off destinations, I had carefully — and exhaustively — weighed a smorgasbord of factors. Eventually, I decided to sublet my life at the end of January, buy a one-way ticket to Jakarta and travel for an indeteminate length of time.

But after the logistics of planning a dream wedding in Greece dawned on them, Elizabeth and Nick reassessed their options and booked reception space in New York instead.

Already shortened due to time and cost constraints, my itinerary will now be limited to approximately six weeks. Since I very often work better with constraints, this should be even more fun to plan.

I love a challenge.

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