Reality Intrudes

Winging It
Winging It

It was, of course, a hopeful itinerary.

I knew at the outset that such an adventure would easily take the better part of a year and cost more than I could bear.

Due to the trappings of home ownership and recent speed bump in my employment status, it wouldn’t be the most responsible route for me at the moment. I’m happy just to be able to take this trip, thankful for the ability to juggle things in order to make it happen.

Then I realize what a great time I had with a mere three weeks in Peru, a trip that took me — literally — from the Amazon to the Andes.

The modified, more pragmatic itinerary would now omit a stops in California, Australia, the Philippines, Fiji and some of the more Westernized countries I had brainstormed. Just traversing Asia from Katmandhu to Istanbul would still be an incredible feat, I think.

One thought on “Reality Intrudes

  1. responsible, schmonsible. you may never get this chance in life again. yeah, the western parts of your itinerary would cost you greatly (i was shocked how expensive australia was. or perhaps i had gotten used to balinese prices by then), but asia can be done so very cheaply if you take the time to research a bit and shift your expectations regarding luxury (an actual shower will become a luxury at some point if you do some heavy duty budget travel.) you will spend less dollars a day than grabbing a decent lunch in NYC.

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