Pedaling Across Africa

Snow Bike
Snow Bike: For the Snows of Kilamanjaro?

One of the great things about travel — besides gaining an appreciation for places closer to home — is the ability to meet people who embark on inspirational adventures.

Though I only know Cat via her blog, Cat on a Bike, her goal sounds amazing: To traverse Africa on two wheels. She writes:

On January 16th, I will embark on the Tour d’Afrique–a four month bike race that traverses the African continent from Cairo to Cape Town.  I will race a total of 7,500 miles, around 75 miles a day, on paved roads, gravel roads, sand roads and no roads, ending in Cape Town on May 15th.  I’ll miss my home in Brooklyn, my friends and family and my pups, but I cannot wait to take a much-needed break from New York corporate law to rediscover the majesty of the African countryside.

There are so many adventures out there for the taking.

(Thanks to Morgan for pointing out her friend’s blog.)

6 thoughts on “Pedaling Across Africa

  1. I hope that one day, those who embark on “journeys across Africa” will realize that traversing a few countries in Africa does not constitute a journey across the entire continent. It would be akin to stating, “I am going to ride across the Americas!” And only ride your bike from New York City to Los Angeles. “Majesty of the African countryside?” C’mon…

  2. Yeah, Marco. How DARE this woman bicycle across a continent and raise money for the Global Fund for Women and not see every inch of the continent? I suppose you’ll just have to go there and yell at her for it while she bikes 7,500 miles from Egypt to South Africa.

  3. I heart you ultra-conservative liberals! You will vote for Obama, buy from Whole Foods, buy hemp sneakers, drink Ethos water, and rave about Mud Truck coffee, but are unable to see a perspective entirely outside your own. Hearts!

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