Discovering a Community

The Wild Blue Yonder
The Wild Blue Yonder

It’s nice to be able to find community in most everything we do.

When I first started to float the idea of traveling around the world, I began to hear from friends about others who were embarking upon similar adventures, each of them unique and wonderful in their own way.

First, of course, was Charity. Years ago, when I lived in Phoenix, my high-school-era buddy and I took a road trip to San Diego and down the entirety of the Baja Peninsula. Despite our vows to keep the trip limited in scope and not go south of Ensenada, we ended up going all the way to Cabo San Lucas — during the Baja 1000 race. Not long afterward, Charity took off to travel the world — and hasn’t been back to New York except for a few visits.

I often wonder where she is.

Unfortunately, Charity doesn’t blog about her travels. All I know is the bits and pieces I hear from her first-hand in those few fleeting moments when we’re in the same city.

Another early adopter of the nomadic lifestyle was Mia, whose Miandering blog chronicles her travels and travails around the globe. With an eye for signage humor, a knack for penning Six-Word Memoirs and one unfortunate volcano encounter, Mia’s blog is one I look forward to reading.

A ex-coworker clued me into Trans World Expedition, a blog by our former colleague, Nick, who plans to take a year in order to drive around the planet in a Toyota LandCruiser. Amazing, when you stop to consider that he will cross the treacherous Darien Gap on his way down to the southern tip of South America and either Angola or the Congo as he makes his way up western Africa.

I am fascinated by Nick’s proposed itinerary and wish him all the best, of course.

Nathalie hit many of the places in Southeast Asia I had thought of visiting myself but wondered whether they were possible. The short answer is: They are. I thought her brave to visit so many out-of-the-way areas, such as Cambodia and Burma.

While visiting Austin in November, I heard from my friend Deborah about her pal’s travel blog, The Heather Report. I have never met Heather, but her blog’s raison d’etre resonated deep within me. It’s too good for me to do it justice in an excerpt. Her itinerary sounded like what I wanted to see and experience.

Whatever route I decide to take, I find it comforting that it is possible.

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